Aerospace Engineer Captures Amazing Celestial Panoramas

dave marrow

Dave Morrow is a self-confessed travel photographer, workshop instructor and ‘word slinger’ with a “passion for travel, the truth, and all things strange.” The 28-year-old Morrow started getting into photography not too long ago in January 2012, and has since been hooked.

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He does have a day job, working at Boeing as an aerospace engineer. His main task at the aircraft company is to build 777 model jumbo jets. Admirers of his work behind the camera, however, can follow Morrow and his many varied exploits and adventures by visiting my On the Road and Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery at his website. Morrow’s passion that brings him much fulfillment is sharing his skill for photography with others. He teaches courses in person and online, which includes shooting basics and post manipulation of images.

night sky

Night photography is a relatively new niche to Morrow but one would be hard-pressed to arrive at this conclusion seeing his growing portfolio of celestial panoramas.

“I have always been a huge fan of the subject,” says Morrow. Before shooting his own interpretations of the evening skies, he scours as many pictures of the night as possible, making him want to create something totally different from the pack. One of his first forays into the subject happened barely two months ago, as he was headed to the North Cascades to photograph Picture Lake.

night sky dave marrow

While there he heard some folks mention a forecast of meteor showers that same night, prompting him to wait for the evening and the celestial event.  As the meteor shower unfolded, Morrow first groped with his camera settings, shooting a bit too underexposed at first, but finally arriving at some good camera calibrations.

dave marrow on the road

He recalled that initial experience, saying, “When I got home from my first shoot and uploaded the picture onto my computer, I had no clue how to process this beast of an image,” said Morrow. Being a newbie, he played around with the different settings in Lightroom, and as transformations began happening in front of him, he eventually found his unique style for the genre.

See what the fuss is all about in his full portfolio here.

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