African Elephant and Labrador Retriever Hit It Off

lab and elephant

What happens when an adorable gentle giant elephant comes into contact with one of the world’s most beloved dog breeds? Sheer bliss! To be specific, Bubbles, a 32 year old African elephant hit it off quite well with a 3 year old Labrador retriever named Bella. Both animals live together at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina. Bubbles is a rescued orphan elephant, while Bella is an abandoned pooch.

lab on elephant

This is definitely one of the most delightful animal friendships to be of record. Bubbles the rescued orphan African elephant and Bella the black Lab have become the best of buddies. It is common to see the two unlikely pals playing in the water together. Images of them playing fetch with each other in the water are just purely heartwarming.

labrador on elephant

Bubbles the elephant flings the ball with her large trunk, and Bella, instinctively as a retriever leaps off of Bella’s back or head and swims to fetch the ball. Absolutely smart and cute stuff you would only expect to see from a professional act. Not these two though. Playing fetch is just their way of chilling out.

elephant resting with labrador

Bubbles was saved while still in Africa after both her parents were found killed. The mother and father were victims of poachers during 20-year carnage of elephants in Africa. Elephants were killed to feed an insatiable world demand for ivory tusks, which ended with a ban on ivory imports in 1989. Bubbles was one of a few fortunate elephants to be adopted.

lab on elephant's back

Other similar elephants were put back in the wild or were killed due to the absence of appropriate facilities for them. Bubbles arrived at Myrtle Beach Safari weighing a mere 340 lbs and stood 42 inches tall. Today she towers at 9 feet and weighs approximately 9000 pounds! Bella on the other hand was abandoned at the park by the supplier who built bubbles her play pool. Labrador Retrievers are world famous as good-natured and hard working dogs. They are also America’s most popular dog breed.

elephant resting with labrador retriever

Seeing these two frolicking together is the kind of animal bonding stuff you could only expect from some Hollywood conjured script.

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