Airborne Beverages Captured Using an iPhone

collage of airborne

High speed photography has truly unlocked the floodgates of the most brilliant, imaginative, and novel ideas. On the other side of the spectrum, however, it has also unleashed an astonishingly endless surge of the most inane, useless, and often asinine concepts. That however is not to say they are no less entertaining. Besides, whoever said art should be useful? Should it even make sense? Art constitutes that which arouses the senses or that which provokes you to react. A cursory look at the internet yields a befuddling number of discourses on “what is art?” So what is there to stop designer Manon Wethly, from throwing assorted beverages in their mugs and cups into the air, for her to photograph? Absolutely nothing.

glass with brown liquid and milk

The Belgium-based photographer’s whimsical portraits of airborne beverages hurled against a sky backdrop may be silly, but they sure are pretty to look at. She uses all sorts of drinks to catapult for her playfully-themed series. Wethly has used juice, water, coffee, milk, and who knows what other beverage to get her desired visual effect. What also look like pictures caught with state-of-the art gear were surprisingly shot with an iPhone, claims the designer. She does admit to dabbling with larger cameras lately for other projects.

glass with yellow liquid

The eccentric designer makes an invite from her blog which partially reads,

“….This will be my playground. The pixelplace where I will share the little experiments, the tiny fragments of a bigger picture, maybe I will even give you an insight on the creative catastrophes on my path. We’ll see! Plenty for you and just enough for me. The outcome of my creativity and my idea of fun and joy too. They are one and the same. My life.

I get easily distracted though. So many things to do, to see, you’ll get some of that on your plate too.

For fellow creatives or cameralovers: Feel free to join in, we can multiply our ideas and spend the day shooting stars, ducks, panthers….”

airborne beverage manon wethly

manon wethly airborne beverage

See her high speed beverage splash mania on her Instagram.

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