Amazing Aerial Photos of Seoul, Korea

gyun woo korea aerial

South Korean photographer Gyun Woo shows us the beauty of some urban landscapes in Asia. He shot modern Asian cites like the Seogang Bridge in Seoul and the Songdo Central Park in Incheon, just to name a few landmarks. Seogang Bridge or Grand Seogang Bridge is a bridge that crosses the Han River in Seoul, South Korea.

gyun woo korea aerial photography

The bridge connects the Mapo and Yeongdeungpo districts. It is supported in the center as it passes over the island of Bamseom. Songdo Central Park is the main attraction of Songdo’s International Business District or IBD green space plan, which draws inspiration from Central Park in New York City. Songdo Central Park is a green retreat in the center of Korea’s first international city, covering 101 acres.

aerial gyun woo

The park covers nearly 10 percent of Songdo IBD’s total area. Its purpose is to connect to numerous civic and cultural destinations by providing seawater canal with water taxi that refreshes every day. It also contains sculpture and artwork such as Tri-bowl.

His pictures have an imposing look to them largely due to the skilful and creative use of a fisheye lens. A fisheye lens, also called an “ultra wide” or “super wide” lens, is a kind of wide angle lens which can capture a tremendously wide image, usually around 180 degrees.

gyun woo korea

The images they create can be highly distorted, giving them a vibrant, abstract look, just like these ones shot by Woo. Fisheye lenses are well-liked for shooting extremely wide vistas of landscapes and the sky, and for photographing close-up subjects like crowds, interiors, and architecture. They are also normally used to photograph action sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. They are also used for practical purposes.

gyun woo

Quite a number of artists have adopted them due to the uncommon, distorted images they produce, as demonstrated by Woo. Skilled photographers use them to take fascinating photographs of all types of subjects, from still life, portraits to urban landscapes as seen here.

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