Amazing Collection of Mushroom Images Look Almost Alien-Like

mushroom close-up

Photographer Steve Axford makes it his business to find and document some of the world’s rarest organisms such as mushrooms. Very many mushrooms! The Australia-based Axford does it so well that he has an online following for his captivating images.  A lot of the photos he has been amassing were shot in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in Australia as well as in other isolated and exotic places around the globe.

macro mushrooms

Once you take a look at this diversity of mushrooms, you would not be blamed if you thought they were shot in another planet. Axford often travels to remote locations to seek out rarities and oddities, be it plants, animals or native people. This particular collection of the world’s weirdest and intensely assorted mushrooms and other fungi is so awesome it has a sizable fan base that shadows Axford’s work on Flickr and SmugMug just to see the latest in his growing library of images.

macro mushrooms photo

He also shares via email most of the mushrooms shot near his home which are sub-tropical fungi. He likewise has many photographed in Tasmania and Victoria which are classified as temperate fungi. Axford is extremely passionate about fungi and shares his visual discoveries with many of his loyal followers whenever he can.

macro mushrooms photo closeup

Mushrooms are the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, and they in general thrive above ground on soil or on a source of food. The name “mushroom” is the cultured white button mushroom; hence the word “mushroom” is most typically used to refer to those fungi that have a stem, a cap, in addition to gills or pores on the underside of the cap. Such gills or pores create microscopic spores that aids the fungus spread across its occupant surface or the ground.

mushrooms macro

See Axford’s fascinating, fantastic world of mushrooms hereThey are guaranteed to blow your mind.

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