Amazing Series of Composite Photographs Inspired by Influential Painter Edward Hopper

richard tuschman photo series composite inspired by edward hopper

Richard Tuschman produced these amazing images that form a series of composite photographs that draw inspiration from the work of the influential American painter Edward Hopper. Hopper was an important American realist painter and printmaker. Although he was well-known primarily for his oil paintings, he was also noted as a watercolorist as well as printmaker in etching. Hopper’s urban and rural scenes, described as ‘spare and finely calculated renderings’ were mirrors of his personal reflections of modern American life.

inspired by edward hopper richard tuschman photo series composite

In Tuschman’s homage to Hopper, he creates dollhouse sized dioramas which he photographs in his studio. When he shoots the miniature sets, he uses small mannequins as pegs for mapping out the lighting later on. In separate sessions, the actual models are photographed using a plain background.  With the magic of Photoshop, both set and model are combined for the digital composite.

photo series inspired by edward hopper

It is a difficult and painstaking process that only a student of Hopper’s work will perhaps understand and fully appreciate. Talking about his influences for the series he calls Hopper Meditations, Tuschman said, “I have always loved the way Hopper’s paintings, with an economy of means, are able to address some of the psychological mysteries and complexities of the human condition. I love the humble nature of the works and their sense of quietude. The characters’ emotional states can seem to waver paradoxically between reverie and alienation, or perhaps between longing and resignation.”

richard tuschman photo series composite

Tuschman began his work in the early 1990’s with digital imaging, finding a style that fused his interests in painting, photography in addition to assemblage. His inimitable style has since been shown all over the world in exhibitions and international publications such as American Photography, Prix de la Photographie, Paris, Photo District News, and the International Photography Awards. In his artist statement, Tushman reaffirms and reiterates his reverence for Hoffman, as one exceptional artist admires another.

composite richard tuschman

“I create painterly photographic montages of staged, open-ended figurative narratives, currently inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper. The backgrounds of the pieces are dollhouse size sets, which are combined digitally with the photographed live models. Through the images, I attempt to address themes of intimacy, isolation, loss, hope, and other aspects of the human condition.”

richard tuschman composite

composite photo richard tuschman

richard tuschman composite photo

richard tuschman

See the remarkable homage called Hopper Meditations, that itself is a remarkable artistic accomplishment here.

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