Amazing Series of Frosty Blooms in a Collection Called ‘Frozen Flowers’


Normally, we expect to see pictures of flowers resplendent under the sun, all dazzling in their radiant beauty as they come into full bloom. Well, but not with Mo Devlin. In his offbeat series Devlin instead presents a different perspective of these vibrant blooms of posies, roses, as well as daffodils. Devlin presents them to us all frozen in blocks of ice, captured up close.

frozen flower

Quite simply, the collection is entitled Frozen Flowers and was conceived of by Devlin, a Pennsylvania based photographer.  While these beautiful blooms are wonderful as they are and are picture ready, Devlin wanted to shoot them in a totally different context. All icy and cold, the already delightful looking flowers take on a totally different dimension, but are nonetheless just as enchanting.

mo devlin

Pictured using a macro lens, Frozen Flowers reveals these blooms in even more intricate detail, giving more visibility and clarity to their textures, patterns and varied hues. They look refreshingly different, and yet are still unquestionably flowers in full bloom.  Made-up of over 400 photos, Frozen Flowers reveals to us how we can still be surprised by the most common of things. Botanists peg the count at 352,000 flowering plants all over the world.

frozen flower mo devlin

Devlin began his career as a photo journalist in the U.S. Army in 1973, according to his website, and the profession has since transcended from a job to more of a vocation. “While my interests vary in subject, I continually find myself being drawn into new and exciting avenues of opportunity, expanding what I photograph,” said Devlin.  He also elaborated on how his Frozen Flowers collection began.

mo devlin frozen flower

“I’ve always enjoyed photographing flowers. The project actually started when I tried to freeze an old Seiko watch. At the time I also froze a single rose in my wife’s flower vase. The vase froze and broke, leaving me with more or less a column of ice with the rose frozen inside… and an upset wife. I took some photos of the flower and liked the way they looked.”

frozen flower mo devlin photo series

See his refreshing Frozen Flowers series here.

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Patricia Ramos

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