Amazing Shots of Snowboarders in Action Captured Against Majestic Landscapes


Lorenz Holder is the holder of the Red Bull Illume 2013 Overall Winner title. Holder grew up in Munich, near the Bavarian mountains, and it was that place that influenced his life greatly. Back in the day, Holder was a semi-professional snowboarder, until an injury forced him to quit the sport for a whole season.



Blessings come in many disguises, and that forced respite allowed him to discover the pleasures of photography. He was mesmerized by photos that could describe an entire scene or tell a story with just one image. It was this enthusiasm that motivated him to start a career as a professional photographer. Holder is these days senior photographer for Pleasure Snowboard Magazine and also pitches in as a staff photographer for Nitro Snowboards.



He travels quite a bit the whole winter, always scouring places for the best snow locations and conditions. Holder is passionate about shooting snowboarding in new areas. His pride is overflowing when it comes to coveting the winning shot for Red Bull Illume 2013.


“To win Red Bull Illume there is a big factor of luck. If there had been no snowstorm, or the weather was different, the pic wouldn’t have worked. I think a winning shot needs a little bit of luck with the right light and weather!”


The Red Bull Illume competition is filled to the brim with just about anything for all types of photographers. Red Bull Illume is an international action and adventure sport photography competition that takes place every three years. Its aim is to feature the most dynamic and innovative action sports photography in the planet and lure the public into the world of action sports. From virtually thousands of entries, only 50 finalists are chosen by international judges in ten categories. In the 2013 Red Bull Illume that was topped by Holder, the 50 finalists were presented at a grand Hong Kong bash on August 29, 2013. See more of Lorenz Holder’s work here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

I am a freelance photographer who is no stranger to smudged lenses, long hours in front of the computer, heavy camera bags (and the back aches that ensued) and missing lens caps. If you know what I'm talking about, you probably have as much love and passion for photography as I do.