Amazingly Cute Photos of a Songbird and a Red Squirrel


Amazingly cute pictures of a songbird and red squirrel are documented by Quebec-based photographer Andre Villeneuve

Creatures either tame or wild are a constant obsession shared by many. If you happen to be one to marvel at images of adorable animals, then you will love the photos of Quebec-based photographer Andre Villeneuve. He took some amazingly cute images of songbirds and red squirrels eating together that are just astonishing. Villeneuve regularly shoots nature and wildlife scenes. These images however were not the typical scenes he expected to come across.  What we are able to witness through his pictures is an extraordinary connection between the red squirrel and the songbird. The two of them seem genuinely curious and intrigued by each other. The charming photos show the two animals as they frolic in the snow together, as they eat together, and as they seem to examine blooming flowers amongst what is left of the outdoors. There is even a photograph where they appear to be playing a friendly game of checkers!

Andre-Villeneuve-000 Andre-Villeneuve-001 Andre-Villeneuve-002

While Villeneuve photographs a broad subject range of Northern woodland wildlife, he declares on his website that the titmouse songbird and the red squirrel and are his most enjoyable to photograph. Based on the images, it is quite evident why.    “My camera is almost a dream catcher,” says Villeneuve, and it would be quite easy to agree with that statement.

Andre-Villeneuve-004 Andre-Villeneuve-005 Andre-Villeneuve-006

Villeneuve is a self-taught photographer.  He has always felt passionately for the animal world and natural spaces, specifically for the red squirrels and the titmouses. In his 500px website, he says that, “having reached sixty and more, I am nothing any more has to prove but all has to show.”  He also further elaborated on how his camera embodies his dreams. “My camera is so to speak a sensor of dreamed. I collect my dreamed and I tell them to you in pictures and sometimes in words.” You can view the amazing work of Villeneuve here.

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Attila Kun

Attila Kun

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