Amusing ‘Recipe Photography Concept’ Photo Series Shows Ingredients Floating in Mid-Air

Nora Luther Pavel Becker

German designer Nora Luther and photographer Pavel Becker recently joined forces again to create this amazing collection of images called Recipe Photography Concept. What it does is show all the needed ingredients for some dishes, but floating in mid-air. No doubt the collaboration to create this impressive series is quite inventive as you see each ingredient suspended and floating.

Nora Luther Pavel Becker ingredients

“The raw ingredients rest in weightlessness. They are properly proportioned falling into the vessel where they are further processed. The image serves a foretaste not only of the dish but also of its preparation. The look of the ready cooked dish is left to your own imagination,” says the duo which tries to work together as often as possible. Each time their schedules permit, Luther and Becker like to get together in their studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg to dabble on some of their concepts and ideas.

Nora Luther Pavel Becker food


Among these works is Recipe Photography Concept – which as all can see is a decidedly culinary celebration defying gravity. Presented in a much more fascinating way than a simple list, the collection makes one wonder how they were able to get the ingredients in mid-air. Whatever method they used, the Recipe Photography Concept is certainly entertaining to look at.

food Nora Luther Pavel Becker

Nora Luther is a German designer who works out of Berlin. She specializes in art direction and editorial design, with a “strong typographic and photographic influence.”  Luther however does not restrict herself to a single discipline.

Nora Luther Pavel Becker ingredients

Photographer Pavel Becker is likewise Berlin based, and his roster of clients include: commerzbank ag, a.d.c. art directors club, wellensiek, bund deutscher architekten, task systems ltd. (london, uk), rotary international (miami, us / kampala, uganda), theater museum düsseldorf, deutsche oper am rhein, and the freies forum theater düsseldorf.

Pavel Becker, Nora Luther

View the unquestionably amusing Recipe Photography Concept here.

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