Animated GIF Series Showcases the Striking Beauty of Flowers as They Fully Blossom

rose blooming gif

Tired of the harsh, winter months that seem to go on forever? Here’s a little touch of spring to compensate. These lovely time-lapse collection of flowers blooming were painstakingly created not by one, but several artists. They were started by artist Yutaka Kitamura for a series called Touched by Strangers, a performance project she did in collaboration with artist Alexander ReederTouched by Strangers is a GIF series that showcases the striking beauty of flowers as they fully blossom. The raw time-lapse video was originally recorded by Kitamura and Reeder, and was later assembled into an animated GIF series on Tumblr.

yutaka kitamura

Touched by Strangers shows the ever so slow progression of flower as they bloom, made visibly observable through the simple magic of animated GIFs. Seeing Kitamura’s video’s transformed into GIFs, one cannot help but yearn for the colorful spring flowers that will soon pervade gardens everywhere.

blooming flower GIF

Quite appropriately, the Gifs were accompanied by a few lines from poet Shane Koyczan, and it reads as follows,

“I sit before flowers hoping they will train me in the art of opening up. I stand on mountain tops believing that avalanches will teach me to let go. I know nothing but I am here to learn.”

GIF flower

There is a beautiful contrast against the black background which allows the flowers’ natural beauty to stand out. From humble buds to fully-blossomed arrangements, the time-lapse GIFs capture the different colors and textures we may otherwise miss. The amazing imagery highlights profound beauty as well as brief life. Each clip ends with a poignant reminder that life is just as fleeting.

GIF flower blooming

See the lovely GIFs called Touched by Strangers of Yutaka Kitamura here.

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