Anne Frank’s Amsterdam: A Then and Now Photo Series

anne frank
Anne Frank standing on the steps of Otto’s business Opekta

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. She lived in Amsterdam with her family during World War II. Escaping Nazi persecution of the Jews, her family went into hiding for two years. While doing so, the young girl wrote about her experiences, hopes and aspirations.

Anne Frank with friends Merwedeplein
Anne with friends in Merwedeplein

She was merely 15 years old when the family was found and sent to the dreadful camps. She ultimately died while in prison.  Her famous work, The Diary of Anne Frank, has gone on to be read by millions. Anne Frank is today one of the most talked about Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Her renowned diary has been the inspiration for several stage plays and movies. She attained worldwide recognition posthumously after her diary was published, which chronicles her experiences while in hiding.

police in amsterdam
The leader of the SS talks to the new Amsterdam police battalion

Otto Frank, the lone survivor of the Frank family, went back to Amsterdam at the end of the war to find Anne’s diary intact, and his efforts led to its eventual publication in 1947. The diary has since been translated from its original language of Dutch.

German soldiers driving
German soldiers drive into Amsterdam

The first edition published in English was realized in 1952, entitled The Diary of a Young Girl, and it has been translated into several other languages. That now famous diary, which was given as a gift to Anne when she turned 13, documents her life from June 12, 1942 until August 1, 1944.

Neighborhoods where Jews live street signs
Neighborhoods where Jews live

The Anne Frank House, the iconic museum of that brave girl, recently embarked on a project where images of the past and present were merged. The composite photos that serve as the past are taken from the World War II era, focusing primarily on Amsterdam, where Frank spent most of her time hiding.

netherlands raid jewish men
During the first big raid in the Netherlands

Spearheaded by visual designer Michael Danckaarts of LBi Netherlands, the effort forms part of an app called Anne’s Amsterdam. The app is a virtual digital scrapbook that tells the inspiring story of Anne Frank while she was exploring the city of Amsterdam.

german police
The German police close off the neighborhood

See the astonishing composites of the then and now series here.

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