Apple’s Next Generation iPhone May Have a 120FPS Slow-Motion Camera

ios 7 beta screenshots

There’s a new iPhone coming later this year, although it’s rumored to probably be an iPhone 5S, and not an iPhone 6. The rumor mill has it that the designers have taken a good look into the iOS 7 code and think they have found what to squeeze out of her brains. Apparently, a slow-motion camera unit is forthcoming, which will allow users to take video with higher resolution and levels of detail. Dubbed as “Mogul,” the camera unit Apple is said to include in the latest iPhone is supposed to be capable of taking videos at 120 frames per second.

iphone 5 camera

If true, this feature will bring the new iPhone up to par with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which already has a 120 FPS capability. The current iPhone 5 shoots a maximum of 30 frames per second, a speed which is commonplace with consumer level cameras. Recording video at 120 frames per second will allow detailed slow-motion playback at the finger tips of the users, resulting in a good slow-motion effect. Video shot at 30 frames per second, slowed down, would produce undesirable footage that would be jerky.  At 120 frames per second, the slow-motion effect would be smooth and more professional looking.

Here are some examples of what a video shot at 120FPS looks like:

Mogul was revealed when Apple enthusiasts found hidden code and text strings within the latest iOS 7 beta. Just recently, developers said iOS 7 may also be capable of detecting blinking and smiling in photographs, and could allow users to shoot video on current devices up to 60 FPS. Hence, designers concluded Mogul will only be accessible for use in newer devices, instead of as an upgraded feature for devices with the new downloaded software. This would be consistent with Apple’s previous rollout strategies in the S offerings, which all came with upgraded camera options.

The 3GS was upgraded with facial detection facilities and superior video recording, while the 4S came with 1080-pixel recording capability. It can also be noted that in 2011, the iPhone panorama camera mode code was found embedded in the iOS5, but the feature was not included until the release of the iPhone 5 last year. Mogul’s slow motion capable camera system is rumored to be one of several updates to the iPhone 5S, along with a more powerful processor and streamlined design.

Below is an example from the Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera:

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