Architectural Photographer Imagines Building in 88 Different Configurations


If you think you have seen weird architecture, your ideas about the strange and bizarre are about to be stretched. Prepare yourself to see some of the most fantastic buildings that you will perhaps never see in real life, and these are not creations of some eccentric architect.  They are the products of the fertile imagination of one Victor Enrich. Enrich is a gifted Spanish photographer who is well-known for his architectural photography and post production manipulations.

victor enrich

What Enrich does is photograph buildings and constructions, and turns structural design into incredible and unreal shapes through retouching and complex photo montages. Structures from all over the world undergo some very wild renovations in the mind of Enrich, and he creates these strange, odd buildings quite convincingly in his pictures. 

victor enrich NHDK

The Barcelona-born Enrich has taken shots of sky scrapers from some of the most famous cities and digitally tweaked them using 3D rendering methods. His skill is so masterful that it is practically impossible to detect that these are digital fabrications.

NHDK victor enrich

If not for the sheer absurdity and gravity defying designs, these buildings look quite convincingly real. His buildings stretch out onto the streets, sometimes bending horizontally, protruding themselves in ways that could only be done with complex CGI machines. They are structures straight out of a fantasy novel, and could only be products of either the imagination or a computer program.

photo series NHDK

Enrich says that the images “don’t pretend to talk directly about anything related to architecture or urbanism” and instead are “simply chosen to become a channel to express myself”.

His images must be seen because they are amazing. If you are into the bizarre, weird and unusual you should follow this Spanish talent because he is a master at his craft.  Also bear in mind that these renderings did not happen overnight. Over a decade of detailed study in professional 3D architectural visualization is at work in these images. Enrich applies the tricks of the trade by bending minds along with buildings.

NHDK photo series

See his flawless wizardry at work over at his website here.

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