Art Camera Collection Featuring Turtle Cam, Armadillo Cam and More

camera embedded in armadillo

Photography and creativity go hand in hand. Every serious lens man is always challenged to craft a picture that not only mirrors life, but also captures a moment that speaks to you through the power of its visual images. The saying “a picture speaks more than a thousand words” holds so true for those immortalized moments that stand out as great photography. But what about creating art out of your camera itself? Have you ever seen the camera as an object, used as a springboard to create and inspire art? If not, then these pictures are guaranteed to either amuse or shock you.

camera embedded in horn
voodoo camera art creation
front view of turtle cam
bottom view of turtle cam

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs collaborated to make these one-of-a-kind cameras, mixing an unlikely pair of taxidermy with photography. The two lens men from Switzerland came up with this unique but bizarre idea. The project is called Camera Collection, and is perhaps the strangest if not the only one of its kind. Notable among the hybrid camera creations is an Armadillo which has a camera embedded into the middle of its body. For those not too squeamish, there is also a reptilian camera which utilizes a turtle’s shell as the body for the gadget. Called “art cameras,” these fully functional devices have been put on exhibit in galleries in Amsterdam and Berlin.

exhibitions showing art camera collection

exhibitions featuring art camera collection side by side

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs are seen by many as one of the most innovative teams in modern photography. They have been collaborating together since 2003 and have done a variety of projects that are radical and avant-garde examples of contemporary photography, sculpture and installation art. The pair has been recently named winners of the 2013 Foam Paul Huf Award. This annual award is given to photographers under the age of 35. The winner gets a 20,000 euro prize and a shot at completing a project with the prestigious Foam in Amsterdam.

camera hidden in stack of books
BOOK CAM 1, 2011 (Left); BOOK CAM 2, 2012 (Right)

A lot of Onorato and Krebs’ projects showcase their mastery of photography and its history. They found critical acclaim during the publication of the book The Great Unreal in 2009 when they embarked a great American road trip.

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