Artist Combines Painting and Photography to Create Unique Imagery

coke bottle paint

Artist Kevin Todora makes use of two mediums to express is work. Paint and photography combine to create still images that challenge the usual norms. Featured in a show at the Dallas Contemporary recently, Todora exhibited pictures of fruit, bottles, and other objects covered with paint, as well as other photographic oddities. Todora’s photos transcend the photography medium, almost seeming like neo–sculptural pieces.

kevin todora

The monotony of commercial work had him yearning for a change, wanting to do something different in the studio. While in school, he had experimented a lot with images from all kinds of media and used paint on them experimentally as some form of therapy. Todora enjoyed the fusing and melding of materials, almost as if he were repurposing them.

kevin todora photo series

“I can’t help but think that as individuals we are constantly bombarded by photographic imagery. There is so much material to work with physically and digitally. Personally, I was interested in ideas of negation and subversion: pushing against images,” said Todora recently I an interview. In many examples of his work  he paints directly onto the photographs, while in other instances  he uses paint as part of the photographic statement or subject.

photo series kevin todora

“The photos with paint applied to the surface were mostly made by pouring the paint and allowing chance to determine the outcome. I would pretty much relinquish control, and as you can imagine it didn’t always go so well. I’m not opposed to working in this manner now, but much of what I’ve been shooting recently is manipulated before camera. There is still an element of chance in many of the new images—the ones that incorporate poured or sprayed paint as part of the photo, but I have more control over how the final product will look.”

kevin todora paint

See this innovative artistic expression and how it transcends common forms as we know them in Todora’s website.

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