Artist Combines Photography and Painting in Mixed Media Photo Series, ‘Studio Physics’

john chervinsky

An innovative concept can always bring something new to the table. Take for instance photographer John Chervinsky’s mixing of mediums. He combines both photography and painting, but on many levels in his series called Studio Physics.

john chervinsky studio physics

Chervinsky’s creative process begins with a simple photograph. He then proceeds to crop the image and sends it to an unnamed painter on the other side of the planet all the way in China. There the painter renders an image of the photograph using oil paint as his medium. Once done, he mails it back to Chervinsky who places the oil painting back within the frame he earlier cropped it from, merging the painting with elements of the original photograph.

studio physics john chervinsky

He also shoots the combined images along with actual organic counterparts. At this point many different textures appear.  The physical condition of the subject is also altered by this time. Fresh fruit in the painting is juxtaposed against its own decaying parts. A balloon fully inflated is now a deflated version of itself. An acoustic guitar is geometrically dissected into an abstraction. An hour glass is merged with itself diametrically.  Such are the liberties taken by Chervinsky in what indeed can only be described as Studio Physics.

studio physics john chervinsky photo series

Painting and photography are not the only intersecting forms of artistic expression going on, as performance art in addition to sculpture all combine in each photograph. It also takes a certain amount of visual dexterity and acuity to decipher Chervinsky’s creations.

photo series studio physics john chervinsky

It is a painstaking process no doubt, but is thought provoking on so many levels. It also looks to be a true original as far as concepts go. Chervinsky is a self-taught photographer in addition to being an engineer in the field of applied physics. His work is viewable in several private and public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Museum of Art, Portland OR; and Fidelity Investments Collection.

photo series studio physics john chervinsky art

View the undeniably innovative Studio Physics here.

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