Astonishing Photography Series Entitled ‘Sea Change’ Shows Disappearing Shorelines

sea levels rising

Global warming and climate change have both been subjects that have stirred passionate debates from opposing sides of the argument. There is growing concern for the effects of unmitigated abuse of the environment, with fears of reprisals in the form of storms unlike any we have ever seen before. Typhoon Haiyan is one such monster that reared its ugly head on the Philippines. Still, there are naysayers that claim global warming is a myth; that earth is merely going through one of its climate cycles. Whatever the truth may be, one thing certain is that there is growing documented evidence that our seas are indeed rising.

rising sea levels

As the polar caps continue to melt, records of rising ocean levels are being observed in all parts of the globe. In the UK alone, Michael Marten was able to photograph with graphic detail how low and high tides have caused shorelines to disappear.

shoreline high tide low tide

For eight years, the English photographer has been going to various parts of the English shoreline. While there, Marten records the daily patterns of rising and receding surf. Taking identical views during high and low tide approximately six or eighteen hours apart, Marten reveals some rather disturbing images.

climate change high tide low tide

The results are nothing short of astonishing. Beautiful beaches and coastlines literally get swallowed up as the tides rise. Marten cleverly combines two images of each shore front, that of hi tide and low tide,  making it clear for all and sundry to see that our coastlines are rising, obscuring beaches as we know them.  He simply calls these collective photographs Sea Change. Marten offers these brief comments on his series.

rising seas

“I hope these photographs will increase awareness of natural change, of landscape as dynamic process rather than static image… The pictures can also serve as a warning of climate change. The tide floods in and quickly recedes, but rising sea levels will flood our shores and not recede for thousands or millions of years.”

high tide low tide shoreline

See how Marten’s Sea Change graphically illustrates our vanishing shores.

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