Astonishing Underwater Pictures Show an Unexplored Cave of Networks of Russia’s Blue Lake

blue lake russia

Russia’s Blue Lake found close to the Caucasus Mountains, is one of the deepest kinds of lakes in the world. National Geographic photographer Viktor Lyagushkin along with his group of divers photographed this unique lake in the hopes of promoting more consciousness for an underwater cave network that has remained basically unexplored.

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Several of Lyagushkin’s remarkable images are of the divers swimming through otherworldly looking waters. One can see amongst the series a forest of shimmering, lime green underwater plants; a spectacular split shot of a diver swimming beneath a night sky; an eerie and haunting  woman in black dress  floating just beneath the surface; and a diver looking at a wall of bright green moss lit by a special torch.’

blue lake russia

Measuring 770 feet long, 400 meters wide plus a cavernous 800-feet-deep, the Blue Lake is at present believed to be the deepest type of lake in the world, also known as a Karsk lake. It is practically devoid of any human intervention, and Lyagushkin hopes that his photographs will urge scientists to investigate and study the exceptional environment.

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‘Blue Lake is situated at an altitude of 800 meters and is surrounded by mountains,’ shared Lyagushkin. ‘The air is very clear and there is no stray light from cities.” He also spoke of the difficulty encountered by the dive team. “Russian divers attempted to locate the cave system and source of the spring leading of the deepest underwater cave system in the world. Such complicated and deep dives need a big team of well-educated and experienced divers, who work together as a one man. The problem is that this unique natural object was not explored at all – we know almost nothing about it.”


Reiterating the goal of the photo series, Lyagushkin said, “The aim of the project was to make scientists pay attention to this lake and to make them start researching it. We wanted people to understand that this is not a puddle, an but unknown and wonderful world under the water.”


See his amazing images here.

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