Astonishingly Vivid Compositions Inspired by Fairytales

Margarita Kareva

Russia-based photographer Margarita Kareva has a special niche with her exquisitely composed photographs of mesmerizing women. Her surreal work takes inspiration from fairytale books, and one who is remotely familiar with these timeless tales will immediately recognize the many princesses and witches in her images.

Margarita Kareva fairytales

Shot in immensely vivid and contrasting color, the production and execution is just stunning and first class all throughout. It is a brilliant subject to explore, given all the interest in surrealism, and fairy tale themes lend themselves extremely well to that style of photography.


For the fantasy and magically inclined, Kareva’s work is tremendously entertaining as well as captivating. Done with passion, Kareva created these dream-like fairy tale photos using real props and is finished off with Photoshop enhancements.

fairytale photo series

Kareva is a specialist of myth artwork pictures, and as one can see is exceptionally adept at the theme. Her mastery and technique is so flawless one would be hard-pressed to find a photographer that can equal the level of her work.

fairytales margarita kareva

In fact in a recent interview she said that she has all sorts of offers for all her photo shoots to appear in fable books. Although obviously adept at her work, Kareva is continuously developing and improving her craft. She also says it’s never too late to start a new hobby; all you need to do is “learn every day, all your life.” Words we would all be well-advised to follow.

fairytale photo series margarita kareva

After viewing her work, one may find it implausible to believe that Kareva only picked up a camera around three years ago, which shows why she espouses that it is never too late to pursue an interest.

margarita kareva fairytale photo series margarita kareva

If you like Kareva’s work, she claims that she “will make photographs for free of any interesting ideas or people in any country for the accommodation and flight tickets:)” Anyone care to take her up on the offer?

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