Astounding Images of Grains of Sand Magnified 300 Times

dr. gary greenber

Care to see something differently? Here’s a secret. Either go especially far, or extremely close. Chances are you will see the usually familiar in a very unusual manner. That is exactly what Dr. Gary Greenberg did with some very ordinary grains of sand.

grains of sand

Once a filmmaker and photographer, he moved at the age of 33 to the U.K.  to obtain a doctorate in biomedical research from the University College London. He was formerly an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California in the 1980’s. In the 1990’s he designed high-definition, three-dimensional light microscopes, and was able to obtain eighteen US patents for them.

grains of sand macro

He has been using these high-definition microscopes to reveal amazing worlds that are all around us, but would otherwise remain virtually invisible to the naked eye. Among such spectacular visuals are these incredible images of sand grains up close.

macro grains of sand

Dr. Greenberg has been passionately turning his proprietary microscopes on familiar objects, like flowers, food as well as grains of sand as can be seen here. These otherwise mundane and recognizable objects turn into the unfamiliar but spectacular once magnified many dozens of times over.

grains of sand close-up

Seeing them through Dr. Greenberg’s lenses reveal hidden as well as astonishing facets of the natural world. These images of sand make us pause to think that as we innocently stroll along a shoreline, it is humbling to realize that we are walking on literally the history of the earth.

What appear to us as tiny, gray grains look more like an assorted combination of sweet delights you would find in a jellybean jar, replete with vibrant textures and colors.

grains of sand 300x macro

See his fascinating book entitled A Grain of Sand: Nature’s Secret Wonder here.

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