Awe-Inspiring Photos of Thunderstorms

jody miller

Jody Miller is a talented photographer, animator and designer. She has a passion for documenting abandoned and deserted places, especially in the evening. Miller has also been following supercell storms as well as shooting some astonishing rural landscapes.

jody miller storm

It takes guts and nerve to do what she does, not to mention a keen perception of what Mother Nature might do. Miller has been a photographer most of her life. Her profession as an art director and animator for the television industry in Hollywood is ideally complemented by her love for photography.

jody miller storm photo

She has been mentored by Ansel Adams, Jerry Uelsmann and Arthur Ollman over the past 25 years. For Miller, the light produced by these unbelievable cloud formations is an artist’s dream come true. She also admits that chasing the perfect storm image can be time-consuming, even frustrating and dangerous at times, but the visual reward is great when all the elements conspire into marvelous images.

jody miller storm photograph

As one can see in Miller’s work, moments before or after a storm appear so fantastic and other worldly that it is hard to believe what you see actually formed in the skies. She is constantly trying to improve her craft, cognizant of the fact that the learning process is never ending.

jody miller storm photos

She had this to say in her artist statement.

“This body of work is one that has been evolving for over 30 years and has finally come to fruition in this portfolio of images I present to you now. It is still growing and changing; there will be future additions and deletions as my portfolio matures. I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I have enjoyed making them.”

jody miller storm photography

See her amazing work of not just storms, but other subject matter in her website.

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