Awe-Inspiring Photos of Whales Swimming Gracefully Underwater

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Since 1998, Brian Skerry as been a contract photographer for National Geographic, shooting a wide range of subjects for the publication. He is a photojournalist with a special niche for marine wildlife as well as underwater environments. As an award-winning photographer, Skerry enjoys critical acclaim around the world for “his aesthetic sense as well as his journalistic drive for relevance.

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His uniquely creative images tell stories that not only celebrate the mystery and beauty of the sea, but also help bring attention to the large number of issues that endanger our oceans and its inhabitants.” Unequalled in the niche of underwater photography, Skerry possesses a rare talent to shoot subjects of great diversity.

whales brian skerry photographer

His annual shooting schedule often brings him to various environments that range from diving under perilous polar ice to scouring tropical coral reefs.  During assignments he has lived in every imaginable condition, from the bottom of the sea, aboard fishing boats and riding in everything from snowmobiles, canoes to even dirigibles just to get the ideal picture. Skerry has spent more than 10,000 hours underwater over the last quarter century.

whales brian skerry photography

In his series of enormous whales, it is a collection that will make your mouth gape in awe. The collection also shows to what great extent Skerry will go in pursuit of perfection. An image from this collection can be purchased from his website, and it is called First Encounter.

whales brian skerry

This one-time Photographer of the Year is not only excellent at being fearless in the presence of underwater behemoths, but has an obvious flair for evoking raw emotion. Skerry has also done work for magazines like Sports Illustrated, US News and World Report, BBC Wildlife, GEO, People, Smithsonian, Playboy, Esquire, Audubon, Men’s Journal and many other publications around the world. Skerry also writes, and he is the author/photographer of five books.

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