Baby Poses as TV Characters in Photo Series ‘Olivia’s Favorite TV Shows’


If it’s too cold to do anything outdoors, you can stay inside the house and get bored, or you could do something more productive and maybe in the process even entertain yourself. That’s exactly what photographer Karen Abad did as she created a series entitled Olivia’s Favourite TV Shows. In the collection, a baby named Olivia is dressed and posed as TV characters from shows like Girls, Breaking Bad and even Game of Thrones. In the gallery she can be seen dressed-up as Walter White, Khaleesi, and Hannah Horvath.

karen abad photo series

Of course it does help a lot that Karen Abad happens to be a cinematographer and animator.  Abad happened to be spending a week in Indiana to visit with her friends, couple Jon and Cristina. They are the proud parents of adorable baby Olivia, who became the unsuspecting victim of this super cute pictorial. What would have otherwise been a humdrum day stuck at home turned into a pictorial that has had people swooning over little Olivia. Abad wrote an account of how things led to the photoshoot.

house of cards photo series

“Since it’s been so cold and we’ve been home all week, Cristina and I decided to do a fun little craft project with Olivia.” Other characters from the small screen Olivia masqueraded as were Frances from House of Cards, and Rust from True Detective. Abad lovingly refers to her as Olive, and had this to say of her cute little model.

the walking dead photo series

“She is the smiliest baby ever, so trust me when I say that it was extremely difficult to get her to not smile. She was a great sport during all this and I really appreciate her letting us dress her up. Love you Olive!”

photo series breaking bad

baby photo series

See the adorable gallery here.

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