Barren Mountains, Caves of Ice, Peaceful Shores and Graceful Waterfalls of Alaska and Ireland Captured in ‘Polaris’


Acacia Johnson‘s Polaris portrays the northern lands of Alaska and Iceland in a collection of elegantly moody photos. With a deep connection to the Far North’s ethereal terrains, the Alaska-born photographer who characterizes her photographic process as “expeditionary in nature,” shoots some dramatic images of the wilderness. Spartanly gorgeous, the landscape is punctuated with barren mountains, caves of ice, peaceful shores, and graceful waterfalls.


The melancholic hues of blues, grays, black, and white allow Johnson to compose tender pictures of the land of her childhood. Journeying to remote areas on foot, Johnson sought out moments when reality would straddle another realm and dimension.

polaris photo

She recalled the experience saying, “Alone on these journeys, I contemplate how the dynamic contrasts and fleeting elements of the Far North impart a heightened sense of being alive, and reflect upon the peculiar combination of wonder, fear, and respect that the landscape invokes. Polaris, the North Star, functions as a metaphor for the constancy of magic that I perceive in an environment that is otherwise in constant flux.”

polaris photo series

Polaris is thus a personal examination of the ethereal occurrences in the wilderness of the Far North. “Traversing remote landscapes in Alaska and Iceland by foot, alone or with my family, I seek moments that seem to fall away from reality around the edges, into another realm,” Johnson added.

photo series polaris

One would be hard pressed to imagine that being born and brought up in Alaska would have anybody yearning for more cold. In Johnson’s case this is exactly how she experiences life, only in the cold temperate climates. “When I dream, I dream of cold wind” she says.

photo series polaris acacia johnson acacia johnson photo series polaris acacia johnson photo polaris

Polaris is a work in progress in which she documents those landscapes that are enchanting to her.  The gentle tones and hues of pale whites and grays create an oddly placid viewing experience. Johnson has spent many years living in Norway and has exhibited her work on international venues.

AcaciaJohnson_Polaris_1 acacia johnsonAcaciaJohnson_Polaris_3

View the visually gentle Polaris here.

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