Beastgrip Universal Lens Adapter Takes Smartphoneography to the Next Level


If you happen to have an iPhone, an SLR, or maybe a lens or two lying around that belonged to another camera set, well guess what? They’ve just come up with a gadget that makes all those gear (old and new) complement each other.  Call it the Beastgrip, which pretty much functions as a matchmaker for all your older and brand new camera gear.

beastgrip smartphones

The Beastgrip is an adjustable gizmo which clamps your iPhone or other Smartphone inside its intricate looking design. You can then attach any lens and adjust it to be positioned right over your iPhone’s camera. Since it is a camera adapter, it comes with a lot of additional mounting options, which include the five threaded tripod sockets and even a cold-shoe accessory mount.

beastgrip shooting

It also comes with a 37mm threaded lens mount, which means you can make use of third-party 37mm lenses, utilize a step-up ring for 52mm lenses, or even use DSLR lenses equipped with a depth of field adapter.  The Beastgrip really hardly leaves anything new or old out in the cold.

beastgrip colors

The Beastgrip is surely exceptional if you are inclined to turn your Smartphone into an SLR-capable camera. What it lacks in compact design, it more than makes up for in interfacing ability. It is is even attachable to tripods, rails, steadicams, as well as automotive mounts.

beastgrip lenses

While it is far from winning any aesthetic or design related awards, you would be hard pressed to complain about an accessory that will work with just about any Smartphone out there in the market. By the way, if you want a name, it’s Vadym Chalenko, who takes credit as the creator of the device.

The Beastgrip also comes with quite an inexpensive price tag, with a minimum Kickstarter price peg at just $70. Excited “beastgrippers” can expect delivery by February 2014.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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