Beautiful Abstract Photos of Sunsets Reveal a Kaleidoscope of Color

alfonso calero

Sydney-based Alfonso Calero recently shot some fabulous abstract landscapes, drawing inspiration from the Russian painter Mark Rothko. He used a used a myriad of techniques which he detailed in Australian Photography. Calero unselfishly shared the camera methods he used to produce an abstract look, and explains why libraries are excellent places to look for motivation.

alfonso calero

Instead of capturing a factual physical view of a specific place, Calero’s images are anything but literal. They instead imply or suggest a mood and are open to interpretation. According to Calero, “Rothko always resisted explaining the meaning of his work. “Silence is so accurate,” he once said. He felt that if he explained his art it would limit people’s ability to interpret his work.”

alfonso calero landscape

He shared some key elements to keep in mind when shooting images that evoke the style of Rothko. When one starts creating their own abstract photos these techniques are crucial: slow shutter speed, minimum ISO, use of a neutral density filter, use of a tripod and lots and lots of inspiration.

alfonso calero landscape photo

On the latter he said, “I often find myself in the local library reading about artists and art movements that interest me. Often we look to photographers for inspiration, but the wider art world can also be a rich source of creativity and ideas. Who and what inspires you?” he said. “The options for abstract photography are almost endless and I encourage you to experiment with different camera settings, subjects and post production effects.”

landscape photo alfonso calero

Calero was born and raised in the Philippine Islands but migrated to Australia by the age of 15. He is a graduate of the Sydney Institute of Technology, a holder of an Associate Diploma in Photography acquired in 2001. Calero is a professional photographer who concentrates on portraits, food, landscapes and travel subjects or themes.

alfonso calero landscape photography abstract

See his collective works on his website.

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