Beautiful Aerial Perspective Shows Impact of Human Beings on the Natural Environment

Bernhard  Lang

Photographer Bernhard Lang’s Aerial Views Adria is a series that he shot while taking to the skies to document the sea of humanity on the beaches off the Mediterranean coast. What he is able to show is that in the perspective of height and distance we are all tiny creatures of much less significance than we perceive. The Adriatic Sea is where Byzantine, Roman, and Venetian sailors in addition to today’s ocean-lovers have all appreciated its glowing, brilliant waters.

Bernhard Lang coastline

The Adriatic is a huge bay of the Mediterranean and the west coast traverses through Italy and San Marino, while the east coast includes the shores of Croatia, Slovenia, as well as Montenegro. Magnificent landscapes and historical sites in addition to the notably warm Mediterranean hospitality will make an impression on anyone even long after your holiday on the Adriatic.

coastline Bernhard Lang

Viewed from the air it is evident to see the way people form into large patterns and clusters. Although distinct individuals on the ground, seen from above it becomes clear how in actuality we all essentially behave so similarly. Aerial Views Adria may seem like a whimsical series, but through this it is perhaps helpful for us to be mindful of the fact that as individuals we may not matter much, but collectively we do make a difference. Each one of us counts after all.

Bernhard Lang mediterranean

Lang observed this several years ago as he vacationed at a seaside resort in Adria, Italy and his attention was drawn to the absolutely uniform arrangements of colored umbrellas used by each hotel or resort. Recently he returned, this time with the benefit of an airplane, and took pictures for many hours on the coastline between Ravenna and Rimini. Lang is reputed for his aerial photography of places around Germany including residential life, coal mines, as well as industrial sites.

Bernhard Lang  beach aerial

aerial Bernhard Lang  beach

Bernhard Lang  beach

You can see more of his work over on his website.

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