Beautiful and Striking Landscape Images Reveal Nature’s Wonders

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Photographer Marc Adamus is noted for his landscape images that are vivid and full of drama and artistry thanks to a lifelong passion for nature. This fervor is apparent throughout Adamus’ work and has earned him quite a following around the world. Adamus portfolio includes a month-long journey inside a fiery canyon in Utah, across the Alaska Boundary Range, and during a delightful aurora borealis while in the Yukon.

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When Adamus was growing up, he loved poring over maps of interesting locations. Till this day, whenever on a trip, Adamus uses a topographic map to help him visualize what things will look like from a particular perspective. He starts composing his photographs even while thousands of miles away, drawing things here and there on a topographic map. Apparently it is a creative process that works for him.

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“My adventurous style of photography is one best defined by bold, dramatic imagery that stems from my love of unusual weather and getting far off the beaten path,” says Adamus. “My business in photography as well as all my life is designed around the principle and everlasting desire to get ‘out there’ as much as I possibly can, to the tune of about 300 days per year.”

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Adamus trademark style is instantly recognizable, as his skill of capturing remarkable light and transitory atmosphere occurrences lend to  his portfolio a sense of the grandiose. His work ethic involves lots of patience as he soaks in the rare moments that create the magic one can only encounter in the wilderness.

landscape photography marc adamus

Adamus can spend months immersing himself in the places he photographs despite the inconvenient weather conditions. His work has been published in various journals worldwide in a diverse variety of media that ranges from books, calendars, advertising as well as publications like Outdoor Photographer, National Geographic, Popular Photography, just to mention a few. Adamus has been noted as one of the most talented landscape artists of his generation.

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See some of his fine work here.

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