Beautiful Color Rich Photos of California Sunsets

surfer silhouette

Photographer Rich Cruse from South California has an amazing collection of spectacular sunset images. His fantastic silhouettes taken as the sun goes down make for a fine-looking collection that is a perfect jump-off point for reflection and inspiration. The concept is simple, and yet very dramatic. Fancy equipment need not be used to achieve these images. Just find a good subject, identify a great view of the sun as she goes down and you are likely to come up with pictures similar to those shot by Cruse.

california sunset silhouette

His images provide the impetus for a relaxing mood that just makes you want to drop everything and enjoy the simple pleasures nature can provide, such as a magnificent sunset. It is an image that repeats itself day in and day out, but nonetheless is always an amazing event to behold every time. Sunsets are some of the most beloved events photographers love to capture.

silhouettes against california sunset

“I am by nature, a curious person. I photograph what interests me. Beauty is everywhere if you look for it,” points out Cruse. Cruse is also a veteran of shooting triathlons. As a resident of Vista, California, he has been shooting running, cycling and triathlon events since 1984.

silhouette of child against sunset

His work has come out in many prominent publications such as Runner’s World, Triathlete Magazine, People Magazine, Outside, Competitor Magazine, and LAVA. Cruse has also been the official photographer for the Los Angeles Marathon for three years now and has photographed the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii an impressive 16 times. Once an amateur triathlete and runner himself, Cruse can usually be spotted most afternoons indulging his favorite pastime, which is shooting the stunning sunsets near Oceanside Pier.

binoculars california sunset

docks by the water california sunset

surfer at sunset

Head on over here to see the amazing sunset shots amassed by Cruse.

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