Beautiful Examples of Landscape Photography

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Tobias Richter is no doubt a gifted landscape photographer based on his strikingly majestic images. The German lensman however, often shocks many when they find out that he is a relative neophyte to the craft. Although looking at the images will lead one to think that he is a seasoned photographer, Richter has only been taking photographs for three years.

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He takes pride in shooting images “as depicted”, meaning capturing most of it ‘in-camera’. He is a purist of sorts, limiting his post-processing work to mostly contrast enhancement and minor color tweaks here and there. Knowledge of this work ethic makes his skill level even more impressive.

landscape photograph

For gear, Richter shoots with a Canon Digital SLR mounted on a tri-pod to capture the beautiful, grandiose, natural landscapes. He elaborated a bit on his gear and some techniques he employs when shooting his marvelous vistas.

“Most of my pictures are taken with a 16mm ultra-wide angle lens, but my camera kit also includes telephoto lenses up to 400mm. All my photographs are most often shot with either neutral density filter and Graduated neutral density filter from Lee Filters which allow me a wider dynamic range and longer exposer times, or B+W polarizing filters. An even higher resolution is achieved by creating a panorama out of single photographs.”

landscape photography

Richter’s work takes him all over Europe and beyond in the pursuit of the perfect photograph. With landscape photography being so common, coming up with work that stands out can be a real challenge, but Richter rises to the occasion with his incredible panoramas.

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His rather unique mountain peaks stand apart with their clean, vivid quality that at times look too perfect to be real. His work can only be called exceptionally gorgeous landscape photography, and nothing less.  “It is my intent to capture the beauty of untouched nature for sharing it with the viewer. And maybe, my photographic works can contribute a small part to preserving these spectacular sceneries.”

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See this virtuoso’s outstanding work here.

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