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Corvallis, Oregon-based photographer Marc Adamus specializes in landscape images. The beauty and artistry of his photographs come from a keen eye for the many facets of nature in addition to a life-long passion for the outdoors. This love can be seen throughout Adamus’ work which has attracted a global fan base.

marc adamus landscape photography

His style is very distinct. Adamus is able to capture amazing light and brief but magical atmospheric moments which can be found all over his portfolio. Many of his pictures are imbued with a sense of the epic and grandiose. Adamus’ style emanates from a focused intent on pursuing all the unique moments that drive the magic and power of the wilderness. He typically spends weeks, even months imbedding himself in the landscape as he aims for the perfect shot regardless of season and weather.

marc adamus landscape photographer

Adamus’ photographs have seen publication worldwide in a large range of media which includes books, calendars and advertising and has appeared in publications of National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and Reader’s Digest just to mention a few. He has been celebrated as one of the most skilled landscape artists of his generation.

marc adamus landscape photos

Adamus likes spending most of the year immersing himself in outdoor locations taking photographs, instead of spending time indoors in front of a laptop. For instance he has shot pictures while on a month-long solo trips across the Alaska Boundary Range, while inside a scorching canyon in Utah as well as under an enchanting aurora in the Yukon.

marc adamus landscape photo

His zest for life in general shines through in his own words. “I love showing people the wonders of nature I have found and sharing with them the special relationship photography can have with all around us. My business in photography as well as all my life is designed around the principle and everlasting desire to get ‘out there’ as much as I possibly can, to the tune of about 300 days per year.”

marc adamus landscape

See the work of a modern master here.

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