Beautiful Photographs of the Frigid Isolation in the Canadian Rockies

glacial cavern canadian rockies
A remote glacial cavern in the heart of of the Canadian Rockies.

Majestic landscapes and mountainous areas are always ingredients for imposing panoramas. The Canadian Rockies found in British Colombia is definitely one of the most astounding natural locations in the world. This vast expanse span of land is where enormous glaciers and mountainous structures will awe anybody. In these visually exhilarating setting, travel photographer Michael Anderson shows us the freezing isolation of the Canadian Rockies.

ski traverse
Ski traverse of the Adamants Range in British Columbia.

Based in Colorado, Anderson is not one to stay put in one place. Like many others with a thirst for beautiful photography and inspiring travel, he prepares for his summer trips by working extra hard. Once it’s time, there’s no stopping Anderson from reaching even the most remote areas of the world.

This icy terrain is a reminder of how wonderfully unique Earth’s landscape can be, even under the most extreme conditions. The massive glaciers from Anderson’s perspective show the frost trekkers looking like little creatures in a giant world of ice.

sunrise at lake front
Sunrise at one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

“I never know what will happen or how the trip will end. My ultimate goals with photography are much the same. I have a vague idea of where I want to go, but I am letting the journey take me there,” says Anderson. He savors all of the summertime to explore the world, exhausting what it has to offer.

He gives us more of an insight into his passion for chasing the great outdoors in his website saying,

“Get out there and watch the ravens fly through the dazzling glow of a remote slot canyon, watch the northern lights dance over the snows of Denali, or take an extended journey and join the Tibetan pilgrims spinning prayer wheels outside a cliffside monastery. Fish for Pirrhana in the Amazon, watch autumn leaves fall in a gentle snowstorm in Patagonia, or marvel at a palm tree swaying dark against a billion stars while camping on a moonless night in the middle of the South Pacific. It’s all there. And the earth needs people who travel this way, who earn their time with its treasures, and promote its conservation. Time is the most precious commodity we actually own.”

placid water lake in canadian rockies
Sunset winds stir the placid waters of a beautiful lake in the Canadian Rockies.

See his dramatic Canadian Rockies images here, as well as more of his work in his website.

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Patricia Ramos

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