Beautiful Photos of Nature During Golden Hour

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Autumn is perhaps one of the most motivating seasons for nature photographers. This is certainly the case for brilliant Israel-based photographer Alex Greenshpun, who specializes on the fall season in her work. She is absolutely incomparable at capturing its beautiful colors and detailed autumnal scenes and compositions.

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Autumn has always been one of the most delightful of times during the year for many people. All of nature just seems to be radiant with life as golden hues, calm breezes and the fresh smell of rain permeates the air. Greenshpun shared her intimate thoughts on the season preceding winter.

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In my photographs I look for the quirky and unique and try to share a certain story of the subject,and so, each image you see here has a something to tell, and each photograph is a fairytale of autumn,she said.

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Being a September born child, the theme of autumn is prominent in Greenshpun’s work.  Practically every image you see composed by her has an element heralding about fall. She has a contagious enthusiasm, and it is easy to get caught up in her excitement. As we all love autumn, Greenshpun takes the essence of this season through her series of stunning macro and close-up photos. She also recently revealed some insight on her beliefs regarding her craft.

alex greenshpun photography

“When creating a photograph, my goal is not only to freeze a moment in time, but to capture its most subtle and delicate essence. A connection between two people, a child’s laughter, a deep gaze in the eyes of a weary man, the playful light between the leaves of a tree, ripples in a pond, or a reflection in a puddle – they all speak the same silent language – I am simply the interpreter.”

alex greenshpun

See how she embodies these ideas through her work over at her Facebook page.

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