Beautiful Photos of the Far-Flung Wild Lands of Australia

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Over a decade ago, after becoming disappointed with the humdrum lifestyle in Sydney Australia, Julie Fletcher decided to leave and find some kind of respite in traveling and photographing the far-flung wild lands of Australia. The Outback is the immense, remote, arid area of the continent.

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The name “the Outback” is in general used to refer to places that are comparatively more remote than those areas called “the bush” which, quite simply, can be any land outside the main urban areas. Australia’s Outback is a powerful symbol identified with toughness and ruggedness, and has inspired and helped characterize Australia’s image.

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Shooting everything in sight from the varied colors of the desert to the evening skies, Fletcher has created an extraordinary body of work which captures the magnificence the Australian rustic landscapes. Fletcher these days lives in a small town in South Australia, Marree, making it convenient for her to explore the Outback. Though the isolated area can be difficult and perilous, Fletcher has learned to live with the raw but grandiose beauty of the wild Australian terrain.

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12 years earlier, a relationship gone bad was the vehicle for change, but Fletcher had always dreamt of an outdoor escapade anyway, and never looked back. “I was in a destructive relationship at the time. The plan was to travel after I’d finished studying my diploma of commercial photography,” shared Fletcher in a recent interview.

julie fletcher  australian outback

She was born in Adelaide, South Australia, and relocated to Sydney in her early twenties, doing office work she characterizes as, “just a mundane office job that paid the bills”. As luck would have it, Fletcher would find love again in her new adventures. Remote as the tiny town of Marree is, it is home of Fletcher’s current boyfriend, Lyall Oldfield.

julie fletcher australia outback landscape

The couple fell in love after Fletcher did jobs for him as part of her adventures. “I was working for him for almost a year. We became friends and then we became partners and I guess I never really left.” And they lived happily ever after?

landscape photography julie fletcher australia outback

Who knows, but let’s just hope Fletcher continues to shoot more awesome pictures of the great Australian Outback.

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