Beautiful Photos of the Finnish Landscape Through the Changing Seasons


Situated between latitudes 60° and 70° N, and longitudes 20° and 32° E, Finland is one of the planet’s northernmost countries. The major influence to Finland’s climate is the country’s geographical location. Inside Finland, the temperateness range quite considerably between the southern coastal regions and the farthest north, exhibiting both a continental and maritime climate.

finland winter

Finland is close enough to the Atlantic Ocean to be constantly warmed by the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream joins with the compensating effects of the Baltic Sea in addition to many inland lakes to make possible the uncommonly warm climate compared with other regions that occupy the same latitude, like Siberia, Alaska, in addition to southern Greenland. That is however not to say that it does not get freezing cold here, as can be seen in these images.

winter finland

The vast majority of us who reside in the Northern Hemisphere know what it is like to anticipate spring. This thought puts things in perspective if you are looking forward to that warmer season while in Finland.

finland ice winter

Valtteri Mulkahainen was able to shoot the splendid transformation of the country as it crossed over from winter to spring in some breathtaking images. Shot mostly against a distant sun near the horizon, Mulkahainen’s lovely images show what it looks like as the country slowly transitions out of winter. A teacher by profession, Mulkahainen recently took up photography as a hobby and has been at it for two years. His main gear is a Canon 5D MK II, which he obviously knows very well based on his exquisite photographs of a Finland slowly defrosting.

winter finland landscape

A great deal of the geography of Finland was formed by the Ice Age. The glaciers were wider and endured longer in Fennoscandia as opposed to the rest of Europe. Their erosions through the centuries have shaped the Finnish landscape which is for the most part flat with few hills and even scanter mountains. This can be seen in the images of Mulkahainen where vast expanses of the thawing Finnish landscape are portrayed.

finland landscape winter

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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