Beautiful Portraits of Exotic Animals Showcase Their Elegance and Grace

lukas holas

Photographer Lukas Holas absolutely adores animals. The Czech Republic-based Holas loves animals so much so that he decided to do away with the usual color, and instead created some elegant black and white portraits of his much loved creatures to showcase their genuine grace and majesty.

lukas holas bear

Shot in monochrome, the portraits look much more dramatic allowing us to view the animals in more detail. Their skin feathers, textures, and expressions surprisingly look more vivid. The image of the tiger for instance reveals a much more intense beast, looking very ready to explode.

lukas holas elephant

The choice of black and white allows us to look more intently at the character and nature of each animal. The Zebra appears particularly dramatic as its stripes are made to look more intense in monochrome.

lukas holas animal

This series is actually called Portraits of Animals II, a sequel to a collection that goes by the same title. Holas did not exactly have the most ideal of situations to shoot this collection. He had no special access pass to photograph the animals, and had to put up with shooting through dirty glass, iron bars, not to mention unaware visitors and tourists. Needles to say, as anyone can see in the series, Holas was able to come up with a collection that is crisp, deeply textured and stark in detail.

lukas holas zebra

The pictures reveal fine points like long whiskers, fine hairs, and even the thick weathered skin of an elephant that resembles a drought stricken landscape. The images, thanks to the black and white medium, emphasize stunning markings on each beast.  There are no hidden or underlying messages in these pictures, as Holas is quick to point out. It’s just a glorious collection of some of the most magnificent beasts to roam the earth.

animal lukas holas

See Holas’ Portraits of Animals II here, as well as the first one, Portraits of Animals here.

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