Beautiful Seascape and Aerial Photography Captured Over the Mediterranean

clouds over sea

The uncommon view of clouds photographed by German photographer Jakob Wagner presents a rather unique view of the Mediterranean. Wagner has a distinct method of making the recognizable look entirely peculiar. The German artist has a special niche in aerial photography. With his lofty perspectives, Wagner is able to transform the way you perceive regular structures and occurrences such as, thunderstorms, buildings and in this instance, clouds. Every image is a different perspective of cloud formations, which usually cause our heads to tilt upwards. The series is aptly called Sea of Clouds.

cloud formations over sea

The view Wagner allows us to experience is a downward look at clouds instead.  What we see are a magnificent cluster of clouds set against a glistening background of the Mediterranean Sea. At times the images even appear otherworldly, given that this perspective is rarely seen.

mediterranean sea cloud formation

There is also an almost abstract quality about them that is mesmerizing and, at times, hypnotic. It would also be easy to be misled if a viewer is not told exactly what he is viewing. You could mistake these shots for some foamy substance on water or even some random clusters of cotton balls.

clouds over mediterranean sea

At times the clouds look so thick and dense that you would be led to suspect they were photoshopped. If one examines the pictures more closely, you will see the equally stunning shadows cast by the clouds over the ocean’s surface. It is also just as awesome when you realize the size and dimensions of the actual seascapes that were photographed by Wagner. The pictures cover miles and miles of beautiful seascape imagery.

clouds over mediterranean sea

28 year-old Jakob Wagner was born in 1985 in Herdecke, Germany. He successfully finished his three-year apprenticeship as a photographer in 2008. Since then, he has been residing in Duesseldorf, where he has principally been working as a freelance photographer, image editor and photo assistant.

cloud formation mediterranean sea

These occupations have afforded Wagner many opportunities to travel the world, visiting a diversity of countries. During breaks from his hectic schedule, Wagner uses most of his time indulging his personal photography projects. He plans to compile these private works in future publications, as well as in exhibitions. His photographs can be obtained in signed and limited editions.

View his Sea of Clouds series as well as other works on his website.

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