Beautiful Time-Lapse Featuring the City of Light in All Its Centuries’ Old Splendor

For those who thoroughly enjoyed the time-lapse work of French photographer and filmmaker Mayeul Akpovi called Paris in Motion, this surely will be a treat. Akpovi once again reprises his already three-part series, in yet a fourth installment for the collection. Simply called Paris in Motion 4 Akpovi further prolongs his beautiful and elegant video journey around the City of Light.

paris in motion

Pleasantly consistent with parts 1, 2 and 3 before it, this newest addition fuses thousands of still photographs to build a fourth time-lapse video of some of the city’s most celebrated sites. Akpovi just released this latest addition to his series and it certainly lives up to the first three by being an enjoyable, happy and entertaining time-lapse series showing Paris in all its centuries’ old splendor.

paris in motion time-lapse

Showcasing magnificent locations as well as fascinating people through superb cinematography, Akpovi captures the essential and buoyant charm of the place. As a four-part series it not only takes you on tour of this world-famous city, but also chronicles Akpovi’s growth and technique as it refined through the years he has been releasing these short movies. When Akpovi started, his gear list would strike most shutterbugs as being on the lean side, but he has demonstrated that a lot of gear is really not a necessity to produce outstanding work. Enjoy Paris in Motion 4 as it unfolds to the music of Loch Lomondas, as well as the ones that preceded it here.

video time-lapse paris in motion

In his own words, Akpovi invites one and all to delight in his work,

 “In 2012 I launched my project “Paris in motion”. This project was meant to help my surroundings to discover Paris. But you were many to spread these images that I was able to capture during my time in Paris. I invite you hereby to continue our Paris adventure with a forth video. If you are liking the video don’t hesitate to share it with your friends :-)). Thank you!”

time-lapse paris in motion

time-lapse paris in motion video

time-lapse paris in motion eiffel tower

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