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Photographer Marianna Jamadi is an avid traveler, and she captures and shares the lovely scenes she encounters around the world. She is Eurasian having a European mother and an Asian father. Raised and born in the United States west coast, she spent her twenties in The Big apple, giving her quite an eclectic upbringing. These days she is a nomad traveler in search of the scenic and the beautiful.

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To help share her trips Jamadi began a travel blog in 2012 after she and her boyfriend quit their jobs in New York City to allow them to seize time to venture the world. Since then she has been to eleven countries. The relationship unfortunately fizzled out, but the traveling and ensuing adventures go on.

Jamadi has been featured in Boat-Magazine, Nomad-Chic, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Oribe, Abbott & West, and many more publications. She recently shared some trivia about herself in an interview.

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“I was born in Long Beach, California to a Finnish mother and Indonesian Father. Traveling is something that is deeply ingrained in my blood. Because of my diverse background, my family traveled often and I grew up in a home where traveling was just part of our lifestyle. As my love for photography blossomed as an adult, documenting my adventures folded seamlessly into the mix.”

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She also recalled the circumstances that eventually led to her tipping point, dropping everything to pursue her now famous travels.“I was living in NYC for seven years and really just needed a break. The corporate world was not fulfilling and I had always wanted to get rid of my belongings, clear the slate, and see the world for a year or so. I don’t think there was one particular tipping point, but more so it was the culmination of my hunger to live big and the fearlessness to do it.”

travel photography marianna jamadi

Her passion for travelling has also led to the co-founding of El Camino, an outfit that offers accompanied trips to travelers who would like to experience their journeys from a domestic point of view, while living off the standard tourist itineraries.

marianna jamadi travel photography

See the world as Jamadi sees it in her fine photographs.

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