Beautifully Charming and Romantic Photos of Flowers

isabelle menin

Belgian photographer Isabelle Menin produces some beautifully charming portraits of flowers, which are lovely in shape and color in addition to being unbelievably expressive. The work reveals an unmistakable background that is obviously rooted in painting. Sure enough, Menin has over ten years of experience working with canvases and she only stopped when her interest transferred to digital photography.

flowers isabelle menin

Blossoms both fresh and withering blend into each other in wistful splashes of color and misty drips and graceful swirls. The flowers and a rainbow of colors are mirrored wonderfully in ponds of water, their shapes reformed and colors muted as they reflect off the liquid element. Menin’s pictures are almost reminiscent of the impressionist style of the great Monet. The pictures are awe-inspiring and a virtual dance of light, shadow, textures, colors, forms and stunning reflections. Menin achieves this look and visual effects through some amount of digital manipulation.

flowers isabelle menin portrait

She loves using post processing to transform and merge photos in order to come up with beautiful, feminine images. She refers to her work as “inland photographs and disordered landscapes” referring to the odd intricacy of nature, which reminds her of human intricacy. She would also quite easily fall into the mold of the breed of ‘new photographers’, wherein equal amounts of in-camera work go hand in hand with digital manipulation to produce a final image.

flower photo

“The uncontrolled forces, the shapes’ complexity, the interweaving and the synergy of the elements, they all look to me like a mirror of human spirit. We are no straight lines, we are like nature, a very large network of interferences that work together to produce something which sometimes looks accomplished and then gets destroyed in a perpetual coming and going between order and disorder,” said Menin.

isabelle menin flower photos

See her lovely work that needs to be experienced to be appreciated here.

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