Behind the Scenes Timelapse of an Artist Painting

The talented Russian painter Lora Zombie is a youthful, self-taught artist who has gained a huge and growing following of fans and admirers online over the past few years. Zombie is now beginning to break into the gallery spotlight and her talent is starting to reach far beyond her native Russia. Her one-of-a-kind fusion of street art and grunge influence has made quite a statement as her trademark. Influenced and motivated by music, Zombie’s multiple talents are evident in the varied and diverse work she has amassed in her impressive portfolio.

speed painting

The self-taught Zombie shows off her painting chops as she offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look into her unique style and work process in this brief speed drawing video entitled, Coffee And Milk. Zombie blends her street art with some grunge attitude as well as surrealism.

The finished product turns out to be akin to something from a Technicolor dream. Watch the video, and afterwards check out more of Lora Zombie’s amazing work on her website. The absorbing watercolor piece video was produced by Mike Droog. Lora Zombie’s work can also be followed on Facebook. The accompanying music in the video is by Youth Lagoon “17″.

timelapse artist painting

Zombie was born in Voronezh, Russia, in 1990. She had her sights set on becoming an artist even at a very early age. Trained in the school of hard knocks, and now a top seller on the urban art scene, she is rapidly gaining the recognition of the art world at large. Recently, she has been penetrating the gallery scene with exhibitions in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and Russia, where she brings in the interest of distinguished collectors and fans worldwide.

finished product artist painting

With an inimitable statement on pop culture and sharp eye for beauty, Zombie’s raw, distinct style is already instantly recognizable.

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