Big Cat, Small Cat: A Whiskas Campaign

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Whiskas, the much patronized pet chow is a brand of cat food sold all over the world. It is owned by Mars, Incorporated. a U.S. manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products. Among the other globally recognizable brands from the Mars family are 3 Musketeers, Balisto, CocoaVia, Combos, Dove, Ethel M, M-Azing, M&M’s, Maltesers, and Milky Way, just to name a few. The Whiskas brand from their pet food line is most recognizable for its purple color packaging. Whiskas, formerly known as Kal Kan, started business way back in 1936.

house cat photoshopped in picture of bigger jungle cat

The company then changed its name after over 50 years in 1988, to Whiskas as part of a branding push to an international market. They are based in McLean, Virginia. Whiskas has been known to mount outstanding marketing campaigns such as the slogan “eight out of ten owners said their cat prefers it.” The popular if not sometimes controversial slogan from the 1980’s was often imitated.

house cat snuggling with large jungle cat

More recently the company aired what they touted as the first “commercial for cats” on American TV in January of 1999. Being the clever advertising brand that they are, Whiskas recent campaign put the spin around the catchphrase “Feeding your cat’s instincts.” Soliciting the talents of photographer George Logan and master retoucher Tony Swinney, the Whiskas marketing team once again came up with a winner of a campaign, with these endearing photos of domesticated cats, thrust into the wild comingling with untamed beasts. The amusingly cute concept has house cats staring down a herd of Zebras, annoying a mammoth elephant, nonchalantly chilling with a fully grown Lion and tiger, and other ridiculously adorable situations you would only expect from a Disney or Hanna Barbera storyline.

house cat with elephant

“Feeding your cat’s instincts,” has your average feline strutting its stuff in the wild in a series aptly called “Big Cat, Small Cat.” Whiskas clearly hit the ball out the park again with this brilliant marketing idea.

house cat staring up at giraffe

Visit Logan’s website to see more of his work.

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