Bird’s Eye View of the Frigid Toronto Cityscape


Braving incredible heights certainly has its perks. If you happen to be a photographer, such bravado can afford you some rather unique views of the world other lensmen would be hard-pressed to come –up with. Photographer Ronnie Yip knows this all too well, as his sense of adventure as an artist urged him to climb a high rise construction site to shoot photos of Toronto while in the grip of a deep freeze.

toronto rooftop

It certainly was no walk in the park, since to scale the building was made even more perilous as the icy Toronto winter, with temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius that day made things more difficult. “Everything was frozen” said Yip on his tumblr page. The pictures are of course, nothing short of spectacular as they show off the entire cityscape and towering skyscrapers.

rooftop toronto

Like all pictures taken from great heights, the altitude offers tranquility unlike any other. Yip captures not only, the infrastructure as seen from above, but also a certain serenity only to be found up in the clouds.

Getting to that lofty vantage point was not without its difficulties as Yip wrote:

“The problem didn’t lie in getting into the high rise construction site, but with how one properly dresses for a rigorous climb (all 60 flights of stairs) and be prepared to shoot atop the skyscraper at -20 degrees C with windy conditions,” said Yip. “Of course, we ended up overdressing for the occasion. The climb was tough – I thought I almost suffered a heat stroke, having to carry all that camera gear, and wearing a heavy parka, two layers of sweaters, and very tight long johns.”

skyscraper view

Once perched on top and ready to take the photos, Yip knew his climb and effort was all worth it, and that something special would ensue from this particular photoshoot.

 “…the incredible towering views were well worth the effort. Everything on the top 3 or 4 floors was exposed to the elements. And, due to the ice storm our city suffered through several days ago, it seemed like every object on these floors was covered with a thick layer of ice. We had to abandon our initial plan of climbing the scaffolding at the rooftop, which was too dangerously slippery. That hardly mattered, the views we experienced from inside the top floors were enough to make any grown man weep….”

aerial perspective

Take a look at Yip’s incredible photos of an icy Toronto taken from way above here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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