Bizarre Photos of Pets Cuddling with Their Owners Wearing Matching Fur


The series, Uniform shows many different pets as they are cuddled by their owners who are wearing matching looking clothing and furs. The series was created by Lisa Strömbeck where dogs, including her very own terrier Ivan, play a key role in the themed collection. Uniform communicates on many levels, and Strömbeck is able to convey many emotions as well as hierarchies of relationships.

lisa strombeck uniform

Although Uniform shows the gentle and intimate relationship between pet and owner, one can also discern an undercurrent of tension. One gets the idea that the bond between man and animal is really one of mutual cooperation, rather than that of submission. Strombeck also is able to identify our innate need for unconditional love that animals give so willingly and selflessly. Uniform merges both owner and pet seamlessly, as if to create one organism out of the two.  Texture, color and very careful composition are executed by Strombeck in each image, and although you never see a person’s face, the presence of an individual is always apparent in every composition.

lisa strombeck

Strömbeck is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and she at present lives and works in Holbæk, Denmark and in Borrby, Sweden. She works with various mediums such as video, photography in addition to a lot of projects involving collages. A trademark theme in Strömbeck’s work is animals and their relationship and hierarchy with people. It is a recurring subject in the majority of her works.

lisa strombeck fur

Strömbeck has also done many interventions in public space along with the artist collective, Women down the Pub, where she is a founding member. Strömbeck’s  work can be seen in major public and private collections such as Moderna Museet and Uppsala Konstmuseum in Sweden, the Swanljung collection in Finland, The Danish Arts Foundation and The Danish Filminstitute in Denmark.

photo series fur lisa strombeck

fur lisa strombeck

fur lisa strombeck photo series

See her unusual but interesting concept of Uniform here.

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