Blurry Compilation of Dreamlike Sequences in Photo Series ‘Conscious’

ryan caruthers portrait

Ryan James Caruthers is another emerging photographer who has taken the route of creative abstraction through surrealism in his photography. Using his own thoughts as well as memories as a jump off point, he created his collection called Conscious. As a series that explores themes of recollections in an obscure and indistinct perspective, Conscious is a blurry compilation of dreamlike sequences that represent the subconscious of Caruthers.

portrait ryan caruthers

The 19-year-old’s unreal images are actually more personal than they may seem, according to him. “The inspiration behind my Conscious series is my own stream of thoughts and memories. Each photograph is a representation of something that I have experienced or that has impacted my life. It’s a very nostalgic experience for me and each image is altered to convey this.”

ryan caruthers conscious

The young Caruthers, who moved to New York not too long ago to pursue his studies in addition to a profession in the arts, employs a visual method that is very private and intimate to him. Using a creek that was part of his childhood, he once again tapped into the same waters to bring his images to life, so to speak. He explained, “The images are all distorted using the water from the creek that runs through the forest near my house back in New Jersey. As a child I spent most of my time playing around in these woods and would hang out with friends and sometimes even swim in the creek growing up.”

conscious ryan caruthers

“The image of the three picture frames on the wall is from the interior of my parent’s house. The framed images in the photograph are pictures of me, and two of my three brothers. I walked past this same display going up and down the steps of my house for many years so it’s very personal and was sort of routine. Since I am now not living at home it’s very strange to not see my family or even simple things like these three frames on the side wall of my staircase.”

ryan caruthers conscious series

While the images are all creatively distorted, these photographs embody not only Caruthers thoughts symbolically, but organically as well.

photo series ryan caruthers

See his work on the theme called Conscious here.

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