Bodhi, an Adorable Shiba Inu, Sports Fashionable Ensembles for Menswear Dog Blog

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Based in New York, Bodhi is the main model on the Menswear Dog Blog, a new website that just launched this year. Menswear Dog or MWD is a site put together by Dave Fung, a 28 year old graphic designer, and Yena Kim, a 26 year old fashion designer.  The site features all sorts of men’s fashion trends, ranging from traditional, chic staples to outlandish ensembles. Bodhi made his debut earlier this year and did everything so well. He displayed his impeccable sense for sartorial perfection.

menswear dog blog

Shiba Inus are the smallest of the original six distinct spitz breeds of canines from Japan. It is a small, nimble dog that handles mountainous terrain well. The breed was originally bred for hunting, and is comparable in appearance to the Akita, but much smaller in proportions. The Shiba Inu is one of the oldest, ancient dog breeds that still exist in the world today.

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Well, the charming NYC-based Shiba Inu is back once again, with a host of new and fresh styles. A few choice photographs of this super dandy dog are on hand, and hopefully this is just a preview of more fashionable and stylish looks of the series from the MWD site, which is described as “A Dog’s Guide to Being a Man.”

menswear dog blog casual wear

Bodhi’s ensembles consist of accessories and articles like Stetson hats and suspenders, as well as an assortment of other garments that most dogs would not know how to wear. Much of the styling ideas come from mainstream media influences, where MWD borrows concepts from characters, actors and TV shows, such as paying tribute to Ryan Gosling’s sense of fashion, as well as showing all of us how to sport a neck tie.

menswear dog blog wearing suit

Make no mistake; Bodhi is certainly no cheapskate when it comes to clothes. His wardrobe is purchased in only the finest stores, such as Brooks Brothers, Burberry Brit, and Barney’s. MWD also guides you thru color palette recommendations, mixing and matching patterns, and seasonal clothing items. It is an informative as well as fun and unique way to get fashion tips. “The deeper you get into this fashion game, the more risks you’ll take.” Quite judicious words from Dave Fung and Yena Kim, the founders of the hot blog, Menswear Dog.

menswear dog blog wearing denim jacket

See what all the fuss is about here.

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