Breakdancer Does One Arm Handstands in Front of Famous Paris Landmarks


A hip-hop dancer who calls himself Kapstand takes some rather odd, but original photos of himself doing a one arm handstand.  What make his images unique are the famous landmarks he uses as background. This playful series is aptly named The OneHandStand Project. Kapstand’s technique, in hip-hop parlance is called ‘freezing’. To do this move properly, a dancer has to stop his body while moving and must stay very still.


The freezing technique involves halting all body movement, typically in an interesting or balance-intensive position, like a handstand. Freezing is called such since the position is struck and held from motion as if  one were frozen in motion, or freezing into ice. Freezing often incorporates many twists and contortions of the body into stylish and often complex positions.

kapstand notre dame

Kapstand began his series months ago after moving to Paris from the north-east France. He needed a way to uniquely document his visits to various landmarks, which he planned to upload on Instagram. Eventually he would find this trademark ‘freezing’ pose from his hip-hop background.

kapstand the louvre

Kapstand draws inspiration from photographers like Murad Osmann and his shot-from-behind ‘Follow Me’ series, prompting him to have his own signature look. Kapstand always obscures his face from the camera by being pictured from the back, creating some kind of anonymity while being mysterious at the same time.

kapstand arc

So far, the majority of Kapstand’s photos were shot in Paris; however he plans to go globetrotting some day. Kapstand’s freezing is actually quite impressive in how he manages to maintain an almost perfectly vertical posture while supporting his entire body on just one hand. His perfectly executed freezing is almost as eye-catching as the iconic structures , like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre or even the Arc de Triumph, just to name a few Parisian landmarks.

kapstand versailles

See Kapstand’s The OneHandStand Project here.

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