Breathtaking Aerial Perspectives of African Landscape and Wildlife

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In the book, Eyes over Africa, Photographer Michael Poliza shares with us the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Nearly 8 years ago in 2006, he decided to turn long-standing wish into a reality.  Poliza who is a much-admired and respected photographer, along with his buddy Stefan Breuer hopped on a helicopter to travel across Africa. On that trip they flew the chopper close to ground most of the time to provide some breathtaking perspectives.

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Breuer’s helicopter was the sole transportation as the pair flew over 17 countries on their winding way as they journeyed from Poliza’s place of birth in Hamburg to his new home in Cape Town. Fortunately, we are able to join them on this trip through Poliza’s photographs. His images are gorgeous and quite often full of pleasant revelations.  The New York Times once wrote that Poliza’s photographs “…might change the way you think about photography!”


Through the book, Poliza and Breuer get to share this extraordinary journey with the rest of the world. Eyes Over Africa Poliza offers outstanding vantage points as we see the astonishing beauty, extent as well as richness of this impressive continent.

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The supplementary texts give a behind-the-scenes account to readers as well as background info on the photographs, and what it entailed to shoot them. Eyes over Africa is an exceptional delight, both for the fan of fine photography as well as for the nature lover.

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Poliza has never been known to do things half-baked, and his photos reveal a work ethic of someone who does projects with the fullest conviction, immersing himself totally. Eyes over Africa is such an example, being named Book of the Year in 2009 in both the USA as well as Germany.

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landscape africa eyes over africa

Eyes over Africa provides a bird’s-eye view of the continent, and can be ordered through Amazon here. See more photos here.

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