Breathtaking Landscape Photography Demonstrate the Endless, Unchartered Beauty of the World

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Jerome Berbigier specializes in landscape photography as shown in his images shot in Iceland, Australia and Northern Italy. The Sydney-based Berbigier explains his work by breaking it down this way. “The camera captures the time I spend in unique places, living the moment and showing fractions of it through photographs. The final images are sometimes surreal interpretations.” Prints are available through his website, and can be signed, mounted and framed on request. A pretty much straightforward process.

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Berbigier travels around the world hoping to capture some unique moments and beautiful sceneries. His images send us to far away locations, allowing us to wander and explore magical places we would otherwise never even imagine existed.

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Berbigier is quick to point out that living ‘down under’ has had much influence in his work. “Australia has fostered my passion for adventure, travel and nature in general. I like capturing wide spaces, dramatic landscapes and changing weather conditions. Photography is an extension of this fascination with the land and water. The camera captures the time I spend in unique places, living the moment and showing fractions of it through photographs.”

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Though he is constantly travelling the world Berbigier did not actually start taking photographs until moving to the Australian coast in 2007. The place has since become one of his favorite subjects, and it is perhaps safe to presume that we will see more beautiful photos of the Australian coast in the future. He will also surely revisit Iceland and Northern Italy for even more majestic images of these vastly remote but beautiful locations.

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Berbigier is naturally lured by the outdoors, growing up close to the Atlantic Ocean. He has always maintained a strong connection with the sea. He is also partial to shooting wide spaces, dramatic landscapes and changing weather conditions, as can be seen in his photos.

Jerome Berbigier landscape photography

Visit his work on his website.

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